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December 2017—Understanding Options: Diversifying Your Income Sources

Dave Gilreath, Sheaff Brock Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, explains the role of options as a potential income source diversifier.


October 2017—Preferred Securities: The Beauty of the AND versus the Tyranny of the OR?

JR Humphreys, Senior Portfolio Manager at Sheaff Brock, discusses the beauty of “AND” versus “OR” with Preferred Securities.


September 2017—Covered Calls as an Unassisted Triple Play?

Dave Gilreath, Sheaff Brock Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, teams with Wally Taggart, Sheaff Brock Portfolio Manager, to talk about option strategies and their “triple play” potential to generate incremental income generation, enhance overall returns, and create a degree of downside protection.


August 2017—How is Your Bond Portfolio Positioned for an Outlook of Rising Interest Rates?

Leo Dierckman, Managing Director at Oppenheimer Investment Management, discusses bond portfolios and how they may be affected by rising interest rates.

June 2017—Option Overlays may Offer Potential for Incremental Income when Interest Rates are Low

Dave Gilreath, CFP,® Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Sheaff Brock, offers ideas for why investors might consider adding an option overlay strategy to diversify income sources and create potential for additional income in their portfolio.

May 2017—REITs: A Cornerstone Asset Class to a Well-Constructed Portfolio

JR Humphreys, CFA, CAIA, Portfolio Manager of the new Real Estate Income & Growth portfolio strategy for Sheaff Brock, discusses the characteristics of REITs which may make them attractive to investors seeking income and long-term capital appreciation.

March 2017—Mid-Capitalization Stocks: the Goldilocks Asset Category

Paul Coan, CFP,® ChFC, CEA,® Portfolio Manager of the Mid-Cap 10 Strategy for Sheaff Brock, shares details of the perfectly sized mid-cap sector and why investors might consider mid-cap stocks in their portfolios to add diversification and the potential for capital appreciation.

February 2017—Understanding Options and How They Can be Utilized to Generate Income

David Gilreath, CFP, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer for Sheaff Brock, discusses investment strategies designed to generate income from the sale and proceeds of put options.

January 2017—Rising Interest Rates and Preferred Stocks

JR Humphreys, CFA, CAIA, portfolio manager for Sheaff Brock's Preferred Income Strategy, discusses the current economic and investment environment and its effect on Preferred Stocks.

December 2016—Financial Planning Basics: An Overview of the Financial Planning Process

Paul Coan, head of financial planning at Sheaff Brock, discusses essential financial planning and wealth management issues for year-end 2016.

November 2016—Managing Interest Rate Risk: Understanding the Dynamic Nature of Interest Rates and Your Bond Portfolio

Leo Dierckman, Managing Director at Oppenheimer Investment Advisors, discusses the relationship between bond prices and interest rate movement, plus the impact that may have on your bond portfolio.

October 2016—Alternative Sources for Income Generation: How Options can Drive Income in a Portfolio

Dave Gilreath, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Sheaff Brock, discusses details of two specific strategies—Put Selling and Covered Calls—and reasons for investors to consider options in their portfolio to generate income.

August 2016—Preferred Stocks: Understanding the Unique Characteristics of the Hybrid Security

Sheaff Brock's Portfolio Manager for our Preferred Income Strategy, JR Humphreys, discusses the unique features of preferred stocks and how they can be an important allocation in an income-generating portfolio.

July 2016—Planning for a Financially Successful Retirement

Featuring Paul Coan, head of Financial Planning at Sheaff Brock, our July Knowledge Builder webinar discusses critical planning questions and issues you'll want to consider so that your retirement income can successfully meet your lifestyle needs. Click here to see the Sheaff Brock July webinar.