Sheaff Brock Portfolio Strategies

The reason you have a portfolio is because diversification just makes sense: no intelligent investor would put all their money into one single stock. But investors can also get into trouble spreading themselves too thin trying to avoid risk when what they really want is higher returns.

Now factor in the reality that equities and securities change all the time—in price, relative valuation, yield and attractiveness. So how can you manage the right blend of equities and other instruments over time?

At Sheaff Brock, we specialize in putting together innovative portfolios for the Intelligent Investor. And because we're strictly fee-only, our success is linked to your success.

We offer portfolio solutions to address your specific goals for income and growth, and we manage customer accounts on a discretionary basis for growth, growth-and-income, tactical allocation, or just income. We also custom-blend portfolios to achieve very specific goals and risk tolerance.

Here′s a look at our primary portfolio types and characteristics.


Innovative Portfolio Options

Growth Portfolios:

Growth-and-Income Portfolios:

Income Portfolios:

Option Overlays:

Remember, you’ve earned your success and you own it. We never take custody of your assets. We establish, maintain, and manage your portfolio on your behalf through a large, recognized custodian. We move as quickly as needed to manage your account, and you are kept completely informed of every transaction that takes place within your portfolio. When you have input, or even just a question, we listen.

If you'd like to learn more about Sheaff Brock and our approach, feel free to contact us.