Portfolio Strategies

What’s your vision for a solid financial future?

Whatever your investment goals—building wealth for a comfortable retirement, maintaining a retirement stream of income, growing a gift or inheritance you received—we think you deserve an investment advisor committed to pursuing them with you.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our primary goal is to build and preserve your wealth over the long term.

To achieve that, we recommend investment strategies for you that we believe will help you most efficiently reach your financial goals. We firmly believe that the way to grow your portfolio’s value is through ownership of equities. The proprietary strategies we’ve developed are driven by data and discipline, and strive to provide you with outperformance in income and/or growth while screening to mitigate downside risk. Your tolerance for volatility and risk are also an important part of the equation.

Innovative Portfolio Strategies

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Growth Portfolios

Growth & Income Portfolios

Fixed Income Portfolio

Option Overlay Strategy

The Sheaff Brock team typically employs option overlay strategies with potential to generate additional income.