Who We Are

How can we help you?

The decisions you’ve made throughout your life have served you well. So at Sheaff Brock, our goal is to make sure your efforts continue to pay off during your lifetime—and beyond.

As a fee-only independent investment firm, specializing in wealth management for high-net-worth individuals, our first priority is preserving and building your wealth over the long term.

To meet your long-term income and/or growth goals, we select from our proprietary investment strategies, which utilize sophisticated research, technology, and data in our decision-making and equity selection. In addition to looking at future potential and risk, we also screen for downside risk to help avoid stocks that may be likely to underperform. And we strive to harness volatility in an effort to generate ongoing, additional incremental income.

Our goal is to outperform the market while lowering your risk.

Who We Are